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    OK i download the dmods,,well i think i did anyway,,but i cant play them ,,can someone please take me through a step by step process of downloading one installing it and how to play it...thanks

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    Yup, I have the same problem. I wish someone qualified would help us out! The DMODS don't appear in my DinkFrontEnd list and I'm pretty sure I followed download instructions cos I installed something on my machine !!

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    1. Download Dink 1.08 if you haven't already; this should make things a lot easier. You should be able to find links to download it easily in a recent RTSoft news article on the main page.

    2. Download a D-Mod from The Dink Network.

    3. Go into the directory where you saved the D-Mod file to, double-click it, and it should begin the installation process.

    4. Go into the Dink frontend (DFArc2), and your D-Mod should be available to play.

    If you are still perplexed, I will try to look into it further.
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    Cooooool! It worked ! I now have the enormous pleasure of renewing my relationship with the Dink - however stuupid he may be, I looove the guy! Thanx a bunch Tal for the instructions.

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