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Thread: Newbie tips?

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    Hello there,

    I have been just fooling around with FQ on a couple of different servers and was wondering if anyone had any newbie tips? I looked for but could not find the tips and tricks type guide mentioned in the sticky post...

    I am guessing psych is good, but to what level is it a benefit? Since one of the games I am playing has been running awhile and has 'rollover turns', I am working on a long term strategy on that one... obviously security (lock, fire alarm, safe) is good - I am guessing a good hearse would only be of limited value - (increased turns for future days?)

    It appears to me that the hospital is useless - never anything for me to do there. The Church only seems to be good for Bingo, which I have only played a couple of times - seems like a good way to siphon off wood tags...

    So, other than getting psych up asap (and how high?)... what are other tips for a good beginning / mid strategy?

    PS. if anyone has a copy of the old 'strategy guide(s)', please let me know where I can find it... thanks!

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    Psy is good up to level 8, there you get mood cut in half, spending doubled and money limit readout..that will help in milking the customers out of last dollars..grin..
    then first invest heavy in hitpoints, you should get up to 100 before you put up lose few turns of attack early on, but kick ass most expensive car as fast as you can, extra turns, extra events, more burypoints, more tags..

    I hope tht helps..

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    Yep it helps to confirm what I have been testing... I have played a few more days now and had some theories and you just validated what I have been fingering out...


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