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Thread: HOW TO: Installing Android on the HP Touchpad - New and Improved Method

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    i got a touchpad as a gift with android already installed mod 9 after a few days it started bootlooping endlessly so i formatted the whole thing using cwm now when i install android using your method i get an error on the first as novacom is giving driver errors

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    I was told ” You'll need to copy your Android ROM, Recovery (TWRP or CWM), and gApps) into that install folder before you can continue."

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    After a little more experience, I would recommend that a person use TWRP. Generally, it is much easier to use and less likely for failure. Plus it can easily be installed via abd. After that then a person can simply push the ROM (adb again) and just hit "Install" and select the ROM zip.

    Good luck!
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