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Thread: HOW TO: Installing Android on the HP Touchpad - New and Improved Method

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    Default HOW TO: Installing Android on the HP Touchpad - New and Improved Method

    How to Install Android on the HP Touchpad - The Easy Way!

    Since I last made a thread on this topic, some wonderful new tools have been made to make this process much easier and less risky!!!

    However be aware, If you do not follow these instructions carefully, there is a chance that you can brick your device. While this is a risk, I have never had this happen. Please read through all the instructions before doing anything.

    Let's Get Started!!!

    1. Make sure you got Novacom installed. You can get it from here.

    2. Get the necessary files.

    3. Connect your Touchpad to your PC or Mac with the USB cable and put it into USB Mode (Recovery Mode) by either of these methods:

    4. Extract the file. Copy the 4 files you downloaded above onto the resulting extracted folder and choose one of the following:

    5. Decide if you want to keep WebOS installed, or delete it and have extra space for fun things like pictures and games.

    To delete WebOS:

    To dual boot Android and WebOS:

    6. Using the the volume keys to move and the home button to select, choose the Install Android option. Navigate on your computer to your Touchpad (Look under My Computer on Windows), and copy the Gapps, Recovery Image and Android Build into the ttinstall folder. Wait for this to finish, usually several minutes.

    7. Back on your Touchpad, choose Unmount Media Volume, confirm install, and wait patiently as it installs Android! It should reboot. Once it does, you will see a bar along the top with a large TWRP on the upper left hand side. Continue Waiting Once it reboots again, you will see a menu pop up with blue text. Using the Volume buttons to move up and down and the home button to select, choose boot CyanogenMod.

    8. Setup Android and Enjoy!!!

    Congratulations!!! Wasn't that easy?

    If you got any question post them below!!!
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