I loved LOTR! It was amazing, I can't wait for the DVD to come out. After re-seeing it again at the dollar theater, before the movie there were ads-n-stuff and one of them said that in the LOTR movie, when Sam and Frodo come to the Scarecrow (I.E. Sam's farthest point away from home) You can see a car driving in the backgroud. Did anybody else see it? It is in the far backgroud in the top right portion of the screen during the last cut of the scarecrow part. You see a fast moving bright thingy follew by a fast-growing white cloud. Also, right when everybody, excluding Gandalf for well-known reasons..., come out of the caves of Moria, and the camera does a fly-by the scene wasn't matched up with the CG of the group running out of the caves because if you watch the elf-dude's feet... they kind of float and slide as he is slowing down, then he starts to slide standing strait up. Not that I am complaining, it's just a wierd fact I happened to notice while watching it again. LOTR Rules!!! Im still gawking at the vast scenery.
I also couldn't help but notice in the preview for the Two Towers after the movie, Gollum seemed to have a Star Trek like Picard hair thingy going for him. You know, the half there, bald on top white look? Maybe Im just seeing things... Sh-yeah the Ents are going to be in the next movie!!