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Thread: A few quesitons

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    Can you change the name of your parlor?

    Why on different days have I had different amount of turns?

    Will I know who sent me bad luck?

    Will I know who tried to break in and steal from me or burn my place down?

    This game is awful addicting, great fun.

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    1. Parlor name: I can't remember if you can do this, but since all parlors are deleted at the end of tournaments, it's best not to get to worked up about it. :-)

    2. There is a random turn modification that some servers use that will add a small amount of extra turns each day. Also, the type of hearse you own affects the total amount of turns you get per day.

    3. If you don't see a notice in the paper or when you log on, you'll never know. I do believe this activity is logged on the FQ server.

    4. I know that the arson event is logged on the server, but I forget what the news says about it. If it doesn't show up in the crime section of the paper, you'll never know.




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