Yes, believe it or not, two fellow forumers worked together to scam me. I'm an idiot for falling for it but I'd like to get it out there. I am not, in any way, asking for compensation or sympathy or vengeance or justice or anything, just informing you all that not everyone is what they seem.

It all happened on an incredibly boring day. I was farming alone in my world when Boomer entered, scamming me of my rarest item ever without even trying. Moments later, MrSword entered and scamme that item off of Boomer. I have no memory of what happened within the timespan of MrSword stealing it and the next event because my eyes were all blurry from the tears I had shed. When I wiped my eyes, I saw that the item had done something magical and split itself in half.

So please, be weary of these two crooks. Oh, by the way, the item they scammed from me, was my heart.