Dear All:

Have one problem,

I have two layers on ios

One is proton 3D on first layer

second is UIviewtable Chat Layer over on Proton 3D

but when I touch and move UIviewtable

the Proton 3d layer can not move,will short time freeze. only UIviewtable scrolling.

after scrolling Proton 3d layer can move again.

could anyone help me!!!

////////////////source code as follows////////////////////////////////////

[_window addSubview:_viewController.view];

//new way have same problem
//[self.IB_window setRootViewController:_viewController];

_chatController =
[[[ChatViewController alloc] initWithNibName:@"ChatViewController"
bundle:nil] autorelease];

CGRect setframe = _chatController.view.bounds;
_chatController.view.bounds = CGRectMake(setframe.origin.x,

[_window addSubview:_chatController.view];