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    Default FAQ: Can I be a moderator?

    Since a lot of players ask about being and becoming a moderator, I’m posting the answers here.

    The first and most important thing to remember is, according to the Tanked rules (accessible in the game by typing /rules), do not ask to become a moderator; wait to be asked. Players that beg to become a moderator are not showing the maturity that we look for when searching for new moderators.

    Secondly, it’s important to keep in mind that there are lots of players that want to be moderator and many that may qualify, but very few are actually needed in the first place. So just because you may qualify doesn’t mean you will be asked. Don’t take it personally.

    Third, there are several things everyone can do that help moderate the game:

    • Reporting players that break the rules (screenshots are especially helpful)
    • Keeping a clean record yourself and helping other players do the same
    • Helping new players and answering questions about Tanked

    Players that do all of the above make some of the best candidates for any future moderator positions.

    Finally, keep in mind being moderator is not a status symbol, it is work. And sometimes it keeps us real busy- at times we get more messages than we can keep up with. You can help lighten the load by following these guidelines (particularly points one, four, and five) that were posted in the Growtopia forums.

    Update: Can I be a mod if I was muted before? Probably not, but I won't say never. Ultimately it is up to the judgment of Seth and the moderators.

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