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Thread: Dink moves too fast.

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    The ''solution'' in the FAQ section was hardly enough to solve the problem. Help please!

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    Are you running Dink 1.06 or 1.07? If so, consider downloading Dink 1.08 Release Candidate 7. Among various other things, it fixes (or should fix?) speed problems. You can read a little more about that here or just download the patch directly here.

    If you're curious, yeah - a few of us fine folks at The Dink Network (well, mostly redink1) have been working, slowly but surely, on a 1.08 patch for Dink with the consent of the super Seth. It's been taking an unusually long time, but I think it's just about done. Noone's had any problems with 1.08 RC7 so far, so I'm beginning to think that it's pretty much just as good as final - though there will be an official final release of the patch later on, which we'll keep you posted on.
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