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Thread: Hi guys! I'm in progress of making a Sumo game!

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    Default Hi guys! I'm in progress of making a Sumo game!

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    Hey guys, I love building PVP Worlds. I mean all my worlds are usually PVP.
    Creator of Sumo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moderate View Post
    The world is "SUMO" Just sayin'

    So I'm guessing this is the first? Cause I stated in the world that it is the first! Hehe
    Soo I'm asking if this may work out? My project, I mean.
    You may check the world out! Give me feedback hehe

    OT: I heard new items! Any predictions?
    Aww, I was gonna make a sumo game. Well I guess it's too late now.
    I hope yours comes out good!

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