My current game would not display properly on my friend's pc(windows XP), only one sprite will show at a time.

I tried it on my old pentium 2(windows 98), sure enough, it has the same problem.

I thought it could be something wrong with my game, so I built the AdventureScene under ClanLib examples for a test instead. It works perfectly on my working pc, but has the same problem as my application on my friend's winXP and my win98: only the red pac-man would display, the background and other sprites are not rendered.

You can test my AdventureScene build here.

Did I leave out any required files? The FAQ clearly stated that nothing else is required except the game, as all libraries will be statically linked into the game, but from what I see now it may require the user to upgrade their opengl drivers...

Thank you in advance for any feedback!