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Thread: additional requirements for clanlib apps to run

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    Thanks for the info.

    Ok, if I can get you (and your artist or anyone else with this problem) to try one more, please let me know if this one also works. (well, only applicable if the first one also worked)

    Misc info:

    _fixed1 disabled usage of GL_EXT_abgr, Test2 disables it if the drivers will properly admit to not supporting it. I'm just curious if the drivers pretend to or not. (mine did)

    I'm going to commit some changes to CL that will allow you to do this:

    CL_OpenGL::ignore_extension("GL_EXT_abgr"); //must be done before ogl is initted

    and internally CL won't try to use it for those that want ultimate compatibility. Otherwise, it will now query for support instead of assuming.
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