./configure --prefix=/usr
Is there a simple way to have all the ClanLib featues installed?

Here is what I get.
The following options are set: (use ./configure --help for more options)

Installation Include Dir = /usr/include/ClanLib-3.0
Installation Library Dir = /usr/lib
Installation Docs Dir = /usr/share/doc/clanlib-3.0

The following modules will be built:

clanGL = no
clanApp = yes
clanDatabase = yes
clanSqlite = no
clanGUI = no
clanCompute = no
clanSWRender = no
clanCSSLayout = no
clanScene3D = no
clanPhysics3D = auto
clanPhysics2D = auto
clanGameIDE = no
clanCore = yes (SSE2 Enabled)
clanSound = yes (ALSA Disabled)
clanNetwork = yes
clanDisplay = no

Build Documentation = no
Debug Build = no (Use --enable-debug to enable)