It seems that new popular means of growtoken scams have risen from the secret scammer society.

People may broadcast about how they quit and they are selling their items for 99% off or 50% off, etc etc, but they just end up leaving the world as the players, desperate for the items, await the owner's return.
Make sure you don't go in those types of worlds, or try not to stay in there too long. (They might actually be quitting.)

"But hey, why would they sell things If they are quitting?"
That's exactly what I'm talking about. They possibly want to do it for fun,but it's kind of a ridiculous thing for any person to do.

There is also a second common scam that has joined the party. I call it a Fooldrop, notorious for the players constantly being scammed daily. Players broadcast about quitting. Once you've been persuaded to enter, you choose an item. He then tells you to drop.
This is where it gets flat out stupid. Though I know not to do it, I tried 3 times to set an example to myself. Banned each time. Don't drop items.

The rarer the item, the more likely they are to rob your items and ban you. Actually, they might always ban you. If the item isn't good, they would say "nah" or "more" or "rarer" that means they want to milk your inventory before banning you.
This is sort of like a new form of dropgame because the original dropgames have decreased.

Moderators should make more warnings about dropping items. (Add language settings so foreign users will read warnings or something.)

The final scam is what I call a BattleCast. Basically someone broadcasts a lie about a giveaway or something that usually attracts people. Usually when people's world have "game" or something related to the game pack, it is just a method of growtoken exploiting. Try not to get in those kinds of worlds. But if you like PVP, go ahead and feed the beast.