During the past two days I've needed to create a SceneManager system for clanlib. It's a generic class set which supports a Photoshop layer like system. It can be loaded manually, or loaded from XML and saved to XML.

There is a layer class, which is derived from a surface. And there is an layerobject class, derived from a sprite. You can add as many sprites to the layer as needed, and at render time these are composited onto the layer surface. Then finally there is the scenemanger class which manages the layers. At render time the layers are composited onto the final scene surface.

I would like to submit this code to the Clanlib project so others might find this code useful. I can't be certain the code is bug-free, of course, and I'm sure there are many ways it could be improved. However, would the clanlib team be interested in this? If so, Let me know how to submit it.