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Thread: Has the ClanLib home page closed???

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    Default Has the ClanLib home page closed???

    Has the ClanLib home page closed, or is it just I who can't access it from my Mac? My browser (Safari) says:
    Safari ei voinut avata sivua ””, koska palvelin ei enää vastaa.
    That is: Safari could not open the page ””, because the server doesn't respond anymore.

    I am dependent of the online reference manual, because I don't know how to compile the downloaded documentation (due to the lack of documentation). (I wonder why the documentation has to be distributed as ready HTML, anyway? I thought that HTML was cross-platform compatible.)
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    No, I've had the same problem the last couple of days. (for a week maybe?)

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    The computer that ClanLib HQ is run from died recently it seems.

    Shadowarts has put a mirror of the html/docs/files here.

    As far as the SVN server.. uh.. hopefully the server is back up soon. In the meantime, nobody add cut and paste clipboard support or a bmp file loader to 0.8, I recently added those but can't commit them.
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    The mirror is unfortunately incomplete. Many API functions on the Grouped Classes page lead to nowhere and some functionnalities (e.g. images) depend on the original site. I guess I'll have to re-compile the whole thing with the docs anyway.


    After compiling the docs, I saw that all references to the ClanLib logo point to the main site instead of a local version of the image. When the main site goes down, it leaves the docs in poor shape. Downloading the clanlib.png logo locally in html/images and issuing a command like the following should do the trick.

    sed -i -e 's/http:\/\/\/gfx\/clanlib.png/..\/images\/clanlib.png/' *.html
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