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    Default Harvard University

    This is my world name fellow growtopians. I am hoping you all will be able to donate red and black block and all the other color blocks. This world is going to have experts as teachers so i need volunteers they will have to pass a quiz to get access. Once they pass a quiz, they will be able to teach and give out prizes to people who get the quizzes 100%. So plz everybody plz donate
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    Default =)

    Ahh, yes.
    Harvard University.
    I have great ambitions for that university. (Bachelors at UQ, Masters at Cambridge University and Doctorate at Harvard)
    My Uncles(my dad's cousins)
    graduated from that university.
    I have never met them, apparently they live in the U.S, possibly in Washington.
    Harvard was founded in 1636.
    Apparently one of my uncles that graduated had a breakthrough in cancer of some sort in the 1970s.
    I have 2nd Cousins there, who I have yet to meet

    Anyways, I could donate some red blocks

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