Hi all, after finally getting Clanlib to run on VS 2005 Express, I've started to dabble into some of its many features to get myself acquainted with the API. I really like the way resources are handled, but there is little documentation on it.

My problem is that I want to store all my resources in a zip file. The way I have the content of my zip file set up is like this:
My resources.xml file contains the following text:
	<section name="sound">
		<sample name="selection" file="snd/pop.ogg" />
Basically, the resource.xml file contains all the path and filename information of the resources stored in the zip file.

This seems like a decent setup, but now I have no idea how to extract or otherwise read my .ogg file from within the zip archive and somehow feed it to a CL_SoundBuffer object.

I've looked at documentation, tutorials, and the provided examples, but there is nothing on that particular way of doing things! Can anyone help?