Hello again.
I've decided to resume one of my old project and have to port it to 3.0 now, since I had a hdd crash with all of my dev environment, and only project's source was backuped on flash drive. So I've set up new environment with ClanLib 3.0(since 2.3 isn't supported anymore - I couldn't find dependency libraries for it so I had to go with 3.0).
Well, there was some number of unpleasant surprises as always happens with SDK upgrades. Most confusing was resource manager overhaul - I completely don't understand how is it supposed to work now, with the absolute lack of the documentation and examples describing it. I found the way how to use it the old style, anyway. But now I've encountered a problem without any answer I could find so far:
There was a pretty little functions in Sprite class - "set_angle_yaw" and "set_angle_pitch". I used them a lot for a number of graphic effects. And now they are gone. And I don't see anything replacing them. And now I have a lot of broken code without a way to repair it.
Is it possible to return these function to Sprite class? Or is there some replacements I didn't find? I don't see any reason to remove such useful functions.

I think there is one more serious problem ahead - with my custom batch renderer, but I didn't see into it yet.