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    Clanlib have something like HGE Random_Float or Random_Int functions? For example:

    hge -> Random_Int( min, max ) etc.

    I cannot find any in reference...


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    No, I don't think ClanLib has such a function. However, here's a simple implementation you can use:

    #include <cstdlib>
    #include <ctime>
    float random(float min_value, float max_value)
        static bool first_time = true;
        if (first_time)
            std::srand(std::time(0)); // use current time as seed for random generator
        auto t = std::rand() / (double)RAND_MAX;
        return min_value + t * (max_value - min_value);
    Alternatively, you can use this C++11 syntax:

    #include <random>
    float random(float min_value, float max_value)
        static std::random_device rd;
        static std::mt19937 gen(rd());
        std::uniform_real_distribution<float> dis(min_value, std::nextafter(max_value, std::numeric_limits<float>::max()));
        return dis(gen);
    What the standard committee was thinking when they made up the second syntax I don't know. Clearly they did not want to lure new developers to C++ with it.

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    ClanLib does have for the ClanLib 3 branch.

    However, it uses ::CryptGenRandom for Windows and /dev/urandom for Linux for extreme randomness , so it probably will be too slow for repetitive calls.

    I use Judas's method for non critical randomness

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