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Thread: menu item inconsistencies

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    Default menu item inconsistencies

    I find that I really miss the File Edit View standard when viewing the menus. Seems like you could put an edit menu which could have copy and paste, and a view menu might allow you to see all the different layers, etc.

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    I'm changing around the GUI to make a little more sense right now in fact, right clicking will bring up a context menu with cut/copy/paste.

    Also just fixed the select-crash bug, will put up the new version in an hour or so. (thanks for the heads-up on that!)

    PS: Layers under view? Hmm, I don't know, the layer palette is already pretty complicated, I don't think being in a drop-down menu will be flexible enough later.

    Also, you don't really notice unless you use Mode->Map View, but the secondary edit bar (where cut/paste is) is designed to disappear and be replaced by whatever tools the current mode needs, the GUI design might make more sense later after I add a few more modes.
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