Yey, Nearly Christmas!
Tis' the season of joy and happiness!
When everyone gathers together and get's on well!
When we, chant, banter and cheer in sheer merry joyfulness.
But remember, you are lucky to even have electricity.
While you figure out what you're going to get under the tree.....
Here are some worrying statistics collected this year.

Nearly 946,000 people have committed suicide currently this year.
865,000 (approx.) people have died of malaria this year.
Ebola has nearly killed off 6000 people this year.
1.5 million people have died or HIV and/or AIDS this year.
440,400,0 people have died of lung cancer caused by smoking this year.
220,500,0 people have died due to drinking excess amounts of alcohol this year.
6.7 million people under 5 years old have died this year.
303,000 mothers have died having their children this year.
7,000,000,00 people have no access to clean water this year currently.
Nearly 10,000,000 people have died of hunger this year.
866,000,000 (Under 1 billion) people are undernourished currently, while over 2+ billion people in this world are overweight/obese this year.

Be thankful, and respect that you have money, that you have wealth and you have everything for your life set up for you.
Be Thankful, that your parents can co-operate and can be happy with you and each other.
Be Thankful, that you have food and drink. Like dorito's and Mountain Dew.
Be Thankful, that you have/had a education.
Be Thankful, that you have a roof over your head.
Be Thankful, that you have friends.
Be Thankful, that you have luxuries, like designer clothing and the internet.
And finally, be thankful, that you exist.

Rememeber, many people will suffer during this Christmas.
Respect their integrity and their bravery going through what they are going through.