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Thread: Clanlib projects site ?

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    Default Clanlib projects site ?

    Hello all,
    I'm new with Clanlib programming, and I wonder if there is some community projects site, who users can show their projects as with SDL or Allegro ?

    I believe there is "", but the link seems to be dead.

    Thank you
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    this link is dead because the site is new.
    you find clanlib's website at as in past
    but i think there isn't any more a list of projects using clanlib

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    I believe Magnus has dumped the CL game/project page because it was too much work to maintain - a lot of the projects were dead-links and such.

    Hopefully people will post their stuff here though.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    OK, thank you, so no more site.
    Maybe you have some names of fun games using ClanLib ?
    I'm actually working on a platform game (Solomon's key inspiration), i will have soon a demo of the engine.

    And happy birthday Seth !

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