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    Exclamation LoRD Files

    What program would you use to open the .dat files in Lord. I want to change the green interface words, to red. Any help would be great! THankS
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    Hmm, by interface words, do you mean the menu displays? My memory is a bit foggy, but I believe there are ANSI text files you can edit for those; in fact there were a lot of themes you could download for LORD.

    There is a monster editor for editing the enemies.

    The rest of the text was pretty much embedded into the exe, the only way to change it is to grab a hexeditor and go crazy!
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    If you've never played with a hex editor before you can telnet to Black Knite's Dungeon BBS and drop the sysop a note. He runs several modded games there and could probably give you a hand. While you're there, give Legend of the Led Zeppelin a shot

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