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Thread: New theme "RESPECT" with world named "HOWTORESPECT"

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    Lightbulb New theme "RESPECT" with world named "HOWTORESPECT"

    I had long enough playing growtopia. Its about 6-8 Months ago (the first time HomePack released) and i had saw a big disrespectment between each players in the chat when a player said "noob" to other people. SO i will made this world "HOWTORESPECT" and i sure i will teach the player who are usually didnt respect each other! With my own original song (inspired from KJ) i will start making this world!!! Please comment me for the theme, blocks, other stuff!!! #Respect
    I just got hacked! Surprisingly.... So i changed my account!
    My new IGN : iArchAngels

    Look my new world "HOWTORESPECT". The theme is "Green Respect". It is closed now. (Sry there is renovation xD)

    MY GOALS :

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    Waduh Oricion rek lol btw ini ItsmeBran. Msg me ingame aja klo perlu apa"
    1 wl of a victim of a scammer is almost same with 1000 wls of a scammer. Have you scammers ever thought how a new player works really hard just to get a wl and you guys just snatch it from them? You will never get rich from scamming but you will get rich from giving. By giving, you would be rich in heart which is something hard to achieve but something other people would really want:

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