Okay, so this is a remake of my forum game "guess who"
I just added some more stuff to it.

How to play: I will start off by giving an attitude, hobby, etc. that a person possesses. And the next forumer will guess the person I am talking about. If he/she guessed the wrong answer, just answer the question that he/she has given and then put the right answer in your reply (quote the person). But the new stuffs in this version are:

-You can choose a person not only in the forums but also famous people around the world!
-You can reply to the person who guessed your question wrong.


amepuppies: The person who is very ugly!
amebafish: it's amebapiz. Now who is the person who likes to kiss me?
amebanana:it's amebakiss! Now my question is, who is the most handsome forumer?
amebakits: umm, lady gaga? Now who is the artist who painted monalisa?
amebanana: *quote* wrong, it's amebapiz! Now the answer to your question is amedavincci! now who is the person who fell from the bed?

*and so on and so onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

(you can add hints!)

I'll start off. Now

who is the forumer who made lots of people in a nutshell?

Hint: Starts with C, ends with T.