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Thread: isspace() assert on Debug build

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    Default isspace assert on Debug build

    First of all, thanks ClanLib's staff for this great lib!

    I was writing some test code with ClanLib, when I got this little problem:
    Running the debug build of application gives me an assert on isctype.c. Not on Release build though.
    After some studying, I noticed that isspace was failing after checking some chars from command_line, here:
    111:        if (!isspace(*command_line)) new_arg = false;
    Tracing a bit further, I've found what was causing isspace to fail: the character "" (0xE7) on the exe path. VC was extending it (char > int) to 0xFFFFFFE7 when passing it to isspace, causing it to fail. MSDN says something about undefined behaviour of isspace() on Debug CRT Runtime libs under certain circumstances. Weird, . Running it from a place with no "strange" characters in path solves the problem.

    Did anyone else noticed that?

    I'm using VC v7.1 with CL 0.8.0 (Stable) @ Windows XP SP2

    Best regards,

    Fausto Junior
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