I'm trying to install ClanLib 0.8.0 on Ubuntu linux.

When I run ./configure, I get this:
checking for main in -lz... no
configure: error: " *** ClanLib requires zlib."
According to Synaptic, I have "zlib1g" and "zlibc" installed. There is no "zlib" in the list to install, although there is "zlib1g-dev" and "zlib-bin", though neither of these look relevant.

Is "zlib1g" something wholly different than "zlib"? The description in Synaptic leads me to believe it's not. Can anyone tell me what I'm missing or misunderstanding? Maybe it's an Ubuntu quirk?

Even though I'm a programmer by trade, I'm terrible at sysadmin-type stuff. Thanks for any help you can provide.