So, this is something I just wanted to say.

So, if you're new to GrowTopia and you don't know how to log on here's how to do it;- firstly, you click 'Play Online' (You can click Options/About/Quit - QUIT is to close the game) If you don't have a GrowID and Password, don't do nothing. Once you've clicked the 'Play Online' next you click 'Connect', which brings you into the game!
After that. You're in the world START or others. While you're in there, it's better to read the signs and things so you know what to do!

Okay, so for a new player it's hard for them, since they don't understand a thing about the game, and if they don't, YOU have the choice to help them!
Be kind... They ask to trade a lot, because they mostly want items/better items. Yeh, it's annoying but it's what they want to do.

So, if you're a new player, you can become a;- Mass Producer, a pro trader, or just a person that helps people out.

If you want to become a farmer you can farm Grass/Glass Pane/Lava/Rocks/Others, and sell them.
Grass - 150-200 seeds per Wl, Glass pane 50-100Seeds per Wl, Lava 100-200 seeds per Wl? Rocks 50-100Seeds per Wl.

Pro trader, you'll have to know the prices of everything, and ALWAYS keep on track of them, the best way pro traders do their job is by buying something less and selling something for more. Which is used by a lot of Growtopians.

If you want to use your own way on GrowTopia you may!
I'll update this once in awhile. Just decided to do something like this...