Today I've been given my English Exam (Summative Test Units 1/2/3/4) and I had a 9.7/10

My teacher said it's really dumb fails. And they really were, but they were 2 Words. 2 WORDS.

And then, almost everyone (But me n' a Classmate) failed an exercise (2nd Conditional / Present Perfect & Past Continuous) and we needed to translate a sentence in Spanish to English and then write Presesnt Simple/Continous, Past Simple/Continuous, Present Perfect/Continuous, 1st/2nd Conditional, Past Perfect/Continuous, 3rd Conditional and Future Perfect/Continuous tenses.

And theeeeeeeeeeeeen we needed to put it on Negative/Interrogative sentences.

And then it comes the faint! It was just an example! We needed to do 5 more sentences.

I feel I'm gonna faint as I finished my homework like 10 Minutes ago. Took me abt 2 Hours.

EDIT: If you don't get the point;

Because I failed 2 words and had a 9.7 in the exam, I needed to do the same exercise that all my classmates. Even though the teacher said she wasn't giving ''a lot homework'' ....