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Thread: List ur games fro favoritet last favorite!

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    Default List ur games fro favoritet last favorite!

    My list:
    1.Pixel Mogul
    3.Tunnel Town
    4.Sims Freeplay
    5.Bitcoin Billionare
    6.Boom Beach

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    • Clash of Clans. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    • Kim Kardashian: Hollywood.
    • Injustice: GAU.
    • BOTH Kingdom Rush games.
    • Growtopia.
    • Hay Day.
    • Boom Beach. (Supercell fan right here)
    • Sims Freeplay.
    • Billionaire.

    Note: Love all of them, just listed in order of activeness and favoritism.
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    1.) Growtopia
    2.) The Blockheads
    3.) Either TF2 or Minecraft
    4.) Adventure Quest Worlds
    5.) Cubic Castles
    6.) Any other random games you can find on my phone.
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    1. Cookie clicker collector
    2. Cookie clicker collector 2
    3. Cookie clicker
    4. Grow idle: legendary edition
    5. Grow idle:
    6. The monolith
    7. Candy box 2
    8. A dark room
    9. Candy box
    10. Incremental MMO

    Yeah, ive been playing alot of idle games recently im looking for some new games to play, but nothing is really interesting me :/ a new RTsoft/Hamumu game (not neccessarily another collaboration)? Ive played some of their older games, including funeral quest, and ive been looking forward to a new game from either one of them...

    I also play alot of kongregate, oh and dont forget Growtopia, just not as often...

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