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Thread: "Wii-Proof"?

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    Question "Wii-Proof"?

    As Of December 22, 2006, The Nintendo Corporation In Part With Oprah Inc. Decided To Release Their Beta Version Of The Wii Internet Browser. Currently, This Browser Has Very Few Bugs, But I Now Realize That Funeral Quest Doesn't Work On The Wii's Internet Browser.

    I am Curious As To Why Funeral Quest Is Unable To Be Played On The Wii Beta Internet Browser. I Was Wondering Is Anything Going To Be Done To Ensure That Funeral Quest Will Be Able To Reach People On The Wii?

    Here Is What Happens:

    If You Try To Login, It Says That Your Username And Password Were Wrong.

    If You Try To Create A New Player, It Says That Your Name Is Too Short. It Even Shows This Error Message When I Filled Up Every Space To Maximum Capacity.

    Basically, Funeral Quest Is "Wii-Proof".
    Anyways, I Thought I'd Bring It To Everyones Attention.

    A.J. Schock

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    I'd be happy to test Wii compatibility as soon as some FQ'ers send me some Wii's.

    I'd suspect the browser isn't fully Flash 5+ compatibile.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    That was the beta version. The final version is now out and available for download.

    I tested Funeral Quest out on it and it works fine. The only issue I had was that it looks like the Funeral Quest menu has a lot of empty space around the visible interface border, so when the client autozooms on the flash file it isn't filling the screen on your TV as much as it could.

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