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    I'm currently working on some AI tools for some projects of mine, including versatile methods of implementing Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic, and State Machines. Since ClanLib is a gaming library, I thought this work would be appropriate to add. However, its a bit more ambitious than my PRNG, so I thought I'd ask first:

    Would others appreciate a generic method of implementing such AI in their programs being implemented in ClanLib, or should I keep it as a separate project?

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    Well, I'd be very interested in such a library. I'd suggest keeping it a "contribution" library for the time being and see how many people are using it from there.

    I plan on making some of my CL specific libraries available as contributions someday too, for instance, I have CL_SoundManager that abstracts the sound system to use FMOD or CL's native library, while performing some extras like caching.
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    I'm quite interested in an AI Lib.
    And I think you should keep it seperated. (can't think of many functions an AI Lib shares with ClanLib)

    (And yes I am programming at a Library basing on ClanLib8.0, too.
    Mine is more intentended being a Framework, and some useful stuff (like a IOsystem) which I now see in ClanLib9. Maybe if others could use it too I will release it)



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