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    Default Slots and Keyboard

    I am trying to get a handle on Signals and slots but am having some trouble. I am using ClanLib 0.8.0. I can easily associate a Timer Signal with a class function but the Keyboard signals are complaining or cause a segmentation fault. All the examples I have been able to find are for 0.6.x and don't seem to work in 0.8.0

    All I really need to do is bind the sig_key_down with a class function but what I would really like to be able to do is bind a specific key to a function.

    Here are a few things I have tried

    CL_SlotContainer myslots;
    myslots.connect(CL_Keyboard::sig_key_down(),this,& ClanSimpleApp::GridOnOff);
    (Compiles but gives Segmentation Fault)


    CL_Slot keypress = CL_Keyboard::sig_key_down().connect(this,
    (Compiles but gives Segmentation Fault)

    void ClanSimpleApp::GridOnOff(const CL_InputEvent &i)
    //Code Here

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    Does input work in the AdventureScene example? It uses signals to hook up to keyboards. You can also check out BlendFunctions or Input examples.

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    Just goes to show you that the last place you look is right under your nose. I have searched the web up and down and those examples helped me fix 90% of my problems. The problem was not the way I was using the slots but the way I was calling the Display functions, the keyboard signals just made the problem show up.

    Thanks for the help

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