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    I have just bought the game, but i apperently get a key in my email to unlock the game. the email had an order id number (18 characters) but that does not work.

    i wannnnaa play the game, has anyone ran into this problem?

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    Ok, I got your email, but just so anyone else with this problem will know too I'll post my reply here:

    Hey - sometimes the regnow order servers are a little slow in sending us the order info (like 30 minutes sometimes ) - go ahead and download the full version now and hopefully by the time you've downloaded it you'll have the final unlock key, it will be sent automatically as soon as regnow sends the order info!

    If it doesn't come within 30 minutes please let me know. Ok wait, I see it just came in, you should see your unlock key in a few seconds!
    Seth A. Robinson
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