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    Hi Seth, Novashell looks fantastic! I know a bit of Lua from some other projects I've done9I am a total newb in the Indie Games programming side of things), so that would be very handy.

    Other than that, I like the demo's included in the download. Just something I have seen(maybe it's just me?) is that the editor window seems to cut off some of the info on the right.

    And, just to be a pain, any plans for particle systems to be included at some stage?

    In the mean time, I have a cool idea for a game and will play around with novashell to see if I can get anything worthwile done.

    Keep up the good word!

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    Hmm, the editor window doesn't look cut off on my computer, maybe it's running at a smaller resolution? You can do:

    game.exe -res 1024 768

    for example to manually set the resolution. A reliable in-game/editor way to change resolution is on the todo list. (there actually is a script command to do it, but it only works in windows right now!) If it looks like a bug, please post a screenshot.

    Particle system - Yes, will definitely be writing one, or maybe more accurately, stealing one and integrating it. There is one written for CL that I want to look at, also another one by a Japanese guy, can't remember the name.

    PS: Oops, nevermind, I see what you mean about the text getting cut off, will fix
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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