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Thread: compiling (kdevelop) lib files missing?

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    Default compiling (kdevelop) lib files missing?

    Hi everyone!

    I recently started using Kubuntu and KDevelop. Some time ago I worked with ClanLib under Windows, not having any bigger problems at all. I just wanted to start a new game project and remembered CLs awesomeness so I installed it again (using adept (package management))

    Then I started KDevelop and chose "New ClanLib Project". But when I try to configure/make it I get the error:
    configure: error: Couldn't find Clanlib libraries
    Seems like I forgot to register the path to the lib files... but uum, where exactly are the CL lib files under Linux? xD
    I already looked in /usr/lib/ but there is no directory called ClanLib...

    And where do I add the lib paths I need in KDevelop anyway?

    Thanks! Excuse my stupidity please

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    got it to work, first I uninstalled the CL packages I got from Adept, then I compiled it my myself and then I installed the packages again xD

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