There seems to be a bug in the new Clanlib version 0.8.0.

First of all, the set frequency doesn't seem to be working and hasn't for as long as I've used Clanlib - this is taken from your Vorbis example and modified:

CL_SoundBuffer sample("cheer1.ogg");
CL_SoundBuffer_Session playback = sample.prepare();
std::cout << "frequency: " << playback.get_frequency() << std::endl;

Prints out:
frequency: 44100

Also, there seems to be a significant reduction in sound quality. The Vorbis example after changing the frequency to 88200 sounds worse in Clanlib-0.8.0 than it did in Clanlib-0.8.00RC1. Any ideas why?

Do you have a recommendation on a quick fix so I can get my application out into the world with better sound quality?