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Thread: unicode support!

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    Default unicode support!

    Does novashell support the unicode characters?If not,is there any plan for this?
    So users from asia can use this tool making their fun,and novashell will be a perfect tool!

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    Hi, unicode is not currently supported.

    I would love to support this and do have experience in this area (I created a Japanese version of Teenage Lawnmower and did the Japanese conversion of Rocky Boxing 3D for mobile phones) but it's a pretty big job to do it correctly crossplatform, would lose some great benefits that we have now, such as no-reliance on system fonts at all (everything looks identical on every system), simple font acceleration without needing to build sentences and cache them on hardware.

    There are some other ways to do it also but the effort of creating the utilities to scan text and build bitmap fonts based on usage etc is a bit much for something that may never be used so I don't think it will happen for this project. (I'm thinking of kanji based languages in these examples..)
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    Well, if there was support for vector font rendering then the game developer could be required to supply an OpenType font themselves. (Instead of relying on system fonts.)

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    Default thanks

    I still love this tool!

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