This is for new users or users who are not familiar with the current work that is ongoing in the Development ClanLib ( )

ClanLib 4.0 aim is to become a slim portable game SDK using the latest programming techniques.

With the release of C++#11 Standard Library, many of our existing classes were made obsolete. These classes have now been removed (with the exception of a couple, that are not yet fully supported by modern compilers).

We have also removed the Physics engines and Database Library out of ClanLib. They were just basically a wrapper to another library.

The added benefit to this change is that ClanLib should become even easier to port to other platforms, if somebody desires to do so.

Once everyone is happy that all the examples and tests are working to how they should, we will be ready for a release.

Please don't report "Examples/Blah doesn't compile" or "Class:func_to_amazing_stuff()" core dumps! Instead, ask on IRC and attempt to fix it yourself. ( #clanlib on ) (See )

At the time of writing this, all examples that use ClanGUI have not yet been converted to use clanUI. This should be a simple task, however time consuming.