So, I threw this together to get a feel for the engine.

It's a clone of a game that I originally wrote in C++, but it turned out that that was the extent of my ability as a C++ programmer and I couldn't advance it any more. So here it is in Novashell. It is a simple arcade shooter game.

I intended to make it a little better before posting it, but I've run into some problems and I figured I'd ask about some things before continuing.

1) Upon the player dying I tried to make the game return to the Intro menu and let the player choose a new game or quit. I used the map manager's SetActiveMapByName function to open the level, but this results in an unresponsive screen. I did notice, however, that in that screen if you press escape you stay in Intro, but it becomes responsive again. Am I loading the map wrong? Is it incorrect to use SetActiveMap on Intro? This has me confused.

Also related to this is that at one point I intended to just stay in main on the player's death and start a new game instantly. This didn't work because I couldn't figure out how to reset the map (clear it of entities and such) because if I used UnloadMapByName on Main, Novashell crashed. Again I ask, am I doing that incorrectly or are you not supposed to unload Main maybe? All in all I am pretty confused by the map manager right now.

2) This is actually also similar to the first one. When you are playing the game and press escape to return to Intro it works fine except that it tells me that I tried to call a nil value at some point in one of my scripts. It references a line in which I use RunFunction on an entity in Main. I'm guessing that Main had been unloaded when I set the active map to Intro, but by looking at my code I would think that it shouldn't even call that function after I've set the map to Intro.

Another thing that happens when you press escape is that sometimes Novashell will display the Saving... message momentarily and then just quit. But that seemed to happen randomly so I'm not sure if I fixed that, or if it just decided to stop doing that.

So, any feedback on the game itself, the code, my half-assed art, etc. is welcome. Thanks!

(Had to put it on my site because uploading to the forums isn't working. Should work fine, though.)