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Thread: Wierd bug in old graphics card...

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    Default Wierd bug in old graphics card...

    I have an HP box at work that has an Intel 82865G Graphics Controller. Yes it's a piece of crap card however eventually things like this will start being more common as more folks download and try out Novashell. What's really wierd is this - when I launch the game on this junky computer Novashell shows up just fine, except it's upside down! The game is not inverted just it looks like I took my monitor and turned it upside down. I have no idea why or even if this is worth looking into but I thought it was funny enough to mention. Is there something about old crappy cards that changed such that things get inverted?

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    I've heard this from one other person too, I asked him what kind of video card, hopefully he'll get back to me.

    Do you have the latest GL drivers for it? That's a bizarre problem!
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    Hello all first post on these forums(just found Novashell today...i really like what i see so far ), i have this same problem(as i am stuck with a terrible motherboard gfx card when i get money i'll buy a better one...) and to fix it just try running it with the -window ....argument(word slipped my mind). Hope this works for you.

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