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Thread: Request concerning forum not novashell itself

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    Default Request concerning forum not novashell itself

    Seth I wonder if you could find a way to make it so when I click new posts it will only show up the new posts in the nova shell forum, because when I click new posts it does all the rtsoft new forum posts. I realize this is not the novashell forum but the rtsoft forum with novashell group in it, but maybe you could figure out a way?


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    I don't think I can make that happen with the New Posts button, but there is a way to get an RSS feed for specific forums, which can work similarly.

    Click here for an RSS feed to only Novashell stuff.

    Now, using this feed with Google Desktop or the latest IE/Firefox should allow you to easily see the latest posts and maybe even be notified when they happen.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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