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    Dear all,

    i went through all the tutorials for novashell newbies and couldn't find any tutorial that would include point/score system in your game.

    i find novashell a brilliant system and would love to be able to develop my adventure game in it(which will be exhibited in some game art show in october this year) and would be happy and pleased to credit any people that helped with advices or similar...

    it would be great if you can just help me by pointing to some pieces of code or similar...

    what i need to find out is how to do the following:

    1. to code the 'top view rpg test' example in which when you hit a bot you would get 5 points (displayed on the screen under your score) 5 bots = you have 25 points..
    2. ability to play video between the levels(is this option possible?)

    maybe those two things are fairly simple but for a newbie, they don't look like..

    thanks a lot!!!!

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    The Treeworld Sidescroller demo has a GUI score element drawn on the screen (well, it keeps track of the # of coins you pick up) it would be possible to copy that code over to the RPG test.

    But eventually I am going to make the RPG test a full mini-RPG, with a GUI showing health/money and a store to use. But until then you'd have to script it yourself.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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