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Thread: Problem: Using sprites after a

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    Default Problem: Using sprites after a

    Hello, I have had this strange problem and found out it actually boils down to this:

    I have a main menu class which uses a silver style gui, calling the method.

    After this class is done, I enter the main game loop. Here my problems come. When I load a sprite here and try to display it, it gets shown messed up like two frames packed in one and the second frame is all grey.

    When I just don't call or go into the game without running the main menu at all (ie as first step), the sprites get loaded and displayed correctly.

    Any ideas? Im using GL rendering on windows and so far everything else worked fine.

    Additional info: In fact it is enough to call once in order to mess up the sprite loading/displaying that follows any time after that.

    I also found out that destroying the CL_DisplayWindow object and creating a new one also solves the issue but that's not too userfriendly and a bit messy especially in fullscreen mode. Any ideas?
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