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    Hey seth, im about to buy the game cause the demo was fun. are you still going to make those addons? like the extra mowers, levels, and special stuff. I hope so.. ya know, it's like what someone else here posted about a lack of new interesting genre's. The game seems like no-commitment. too maky games are more work than fun

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    Well, I've got one add-on/mod almost done but you probably won't be interested in it - it just converts the whole game to Japanese.

    I'm kind of waiting for a good idea before I make a real mod, was kinda hoping someone else would do it, but it is a pretty involved process.
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    The game was great but the story mode gets over way too fast. Is there any more to the game after the story mode or do you just keep on mowing to buy stuff for your fridge and such. After awhile you just get so much money built up theres no challenge.

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    hey seth could you make some more levels for teenage lawn mower i realy enjoy it or mayby some different people in it
    i also still apreciate you helping me get me the copy of the code for the game that my father got me when you told me i probably installed the trial version over the full version you were right thank god you figured that one out because my dad couldent figure that one out and hes even a retierd computer tech lol



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