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Thread: Request: Physic tutorial .

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    Default Request: Physic tutorial .

    Right now there is no any doc that describe how physic work. For example, we have map property gravity, but there is no doc. where described what this magic number mean, also we have AddForce but also have no doc. where described what mean force e.t.c. It will be great if we will have physic tutorial.

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    AddForce is documented... just not very well.

    Gravity is just a global AddForceConstant that is applied to all entities every frame, unless it's been disabled (per entity) with Entity:SetGravityOverride().

    Global gravity is a parameter that is saved with the Map structure, I need to add a Map::SetGravity() so it can be accessed from script at some point.

    The Novashell physics are so touchy I recommend keeping the default settings from the examples. I don't understand them either.
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