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Thread: Your tools?

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    Talking Your tools?

    What tools is everyone utilizing to create their LUA scripts, or sprites, or things of that nature? I just figured it'd be a good place for everyone to share what utilities and programs they use for creating everything that works with Novashell.

    I'm developing on a mac, and here are my tools:

    • Smultron - nice open-source editor for XML/LUA scripting.
    • Photoshop / TheGimp - All-purpose graphics editing/creation. Handles PNG very well.
    • Audacity - handy open-source audio editor. Works nicely with OGG.
    • Freemind - very useful for visualizing story/concept ideas for games, character relations, etc - as well as a dozen other things.

    I also have Maya and Blender - but my expertise with these tools are severely lacking (reading up a bit on 3d modeling ).

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    Textwrangler for script
    and Pixen for world tiles and other programmer art.

    I plan on drawing up my final graphics in Expressions (it's like inkscape or illustrator) when I get past the first world (and all the scripting that entails.)

    Photoshop is over kill for pixel art I find, but I think at the end I'll feed it all through it, as it is the app I am most comfy with.

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