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Thread: Bought yesterday, got no unlock code

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    Default Bought yesterday, got no unlock code

    I got the purchase confirmation but no followup message with the code. 2 unanswered e-mails to support later, and here I am.

    Order ID 1182457563-6628-456356. Get this done please.

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    Hi Mike,

    I'm glad you posted.

    Your unlock key definitely did go out a few minutes after purchase by our system, I CC myself on all purchases so I can keep track.

    I did personally send the code again after receiving your email about not getting it.

    I assume you've got an over-achieving spam-removal software running that filtered our emails? Any way you can white list seth @ If there is a spam folder you can check, many times you can find the old emails we sent.

    In any case, I'm also PM'ing your unlock key through this message board system, it's probably the only way I can reach you.

    Sorry for the hassle.
    Seth A. Robinson
    Robinson Technologies

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    That did it. Thanks!

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